Transforming Water Risk into Water Security
TSC Water Risk Index®, TSC Water Security Fund®
​The first benchmark index and fund family advancing UN SDG 6  

Climate is Water

Nearly a third of the world is subject to water stress, a burgeoning crisis that only promises to get worse as climate change exacerbates droughts and flooding, and as population growth fuels ever-growing water demands for consumption, agriculture, and other human activities. The effects that changes in access to water will have on businesses will be nothing short of transformational to the global economy, creating winners (those that manage water well) and losers (those that mismanage water resources) -- and in turn, creating significant new investment opportunities. 9 of the 10 worst global risks are linked to water.

Investors increasingly use water risk as a proxy for climate risk.

Responsible Investing




  • Thomas Schumann Capital® (TSC) is the only solution provider for water security and responsible investing. TSC collaborates with world-class information, and financial market data providers, academia, NGOs, and best-in-class, institutional-grade index engineers to transform corporate water management and stewardship into financial metrics to mitigate climate-driven water risk, generating long-term impact and sustainable alpha.

  • ​TSC identified two key strategies through which forward-thinking investors can mitigate portfolio risk and realize long-term returns while adapting to climate change and risk: indexing water risk in equities; investing in companies that demonstrate water stewardship.

  • ​TSC sponsors TSC Water Risk Index® and TSC Water Security Fund®, the world’s first benchmark index and fund family to help global capital markets integrate water risk into investment decisions while advancing UN SDG 6 'Water Security".

  • Thomas Schumann Capital® serves financial institutions, asset & wealth managers, investors with solutions that offer performance, and responsible investing in the transition to climate adaptation and risk mitigation.

We Drive Water Security, Responsible Investing, Sustainability

TSC's vision, mission and solutions are informed by the EU Action Plan  and Agenda 2030 - the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world. TSC is specifically driven by advancing UN SDG 6 “Water Security” in global capital markets.

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