• Thomas Schumann Capital® (TSC) is the only sponsor of investable indices and products for water security and responsible investing. 

  • TSC collaborates with world-class financial institutions, the leading financial market data providers, the world’s foremost climate and water risk academia, the top NGOs for responsible investing, climate and water security, and best-in-class index firms and product issuers to transform physical and financial water risk into long-term water security. 

  • ​TSC identified two key strategies to fast-track a water-secure world; tracking water risk in securities; investing in companies that demonstrate water stewardship

  • ​TSC sponsors TSC Water Security Fund®, the world’s first transformative investment fund family providing water stewardship, positive impact, ESG, responsible investing, engagement, and sustainable long-term returns to global investors and stakeholders alike.

  • TSC supports asset and wealth managers, financial institutions, investors, sovereign wealth, and pension funds to achieve sustainable alpha in the transition to climate adaptation, and net-zero. 


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