About Thomas Schumann Capital®

Thomas Schumann was born in Frankfurt/Germany
and founded Thomas Schumann Capital® in November 2011.


While helping water technology ventures and large scale desalination projects in California with their capital needs Thomas realized that water represents the single-largest risk to people, planet and profit. His extensive research and analysis concluded that mitigating water risk in securities allows for capturing long-term sustainable alpha, social and environmental impact and the ability to drive better corporate water stewardship.

Thomas further realized that providing outperforming solutions to help global capital markets integrate water risk into their investment decisions, to reorient capital flows towards water security possesses the highest chance to advance Agenda 2030, UN Sustainable Development Goal #6.


Sustainable management of water is the core foundation of the remaining 16 SDGs and the basis of maintaining and improving global social, environmental and economic wealth and health.


In collaboration with leading experts of water and capital Thomas Schumann Capital® sponsored and designed Thomas Schumann Water Risk Index® the world’s first index series that outperforms traditional benchmark indices while advancing a water-secure world.


Thomas Schumann Water Risk Index® EURO 50 outperforms the STOXX EURO 50 by 15 percentage points from 2010 - Present. Thomas Schumann Water Risk Index® US completes in August 2020, APAC and Global index versions are set to complete the benchmark water risk index family in 2021. Collaborations for ETFs, mutual funds, structured products, derivatives are pending discussions. 


to create a more sustainable future for water and capital.

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