Thomas Schumann Capital® (TSC) is the only solution provider at the nexus of  UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 "Water Security" and responsible investing. TSC sponsors the TSC Water Risk Indices® in order to enable investors to integrate physical and financial water risk into investment decisions to achieve sustainable performance, positive impact, water stewardship and engagement.  


The world’s first benchmark water risk index family, TSC U.S. Water Risk Index® and TSC EU Water Risk Index®,  and TSC Global Water Risk Index® were developed in collaboration with best-in-class financial market intelligence and data providers and index experts.


TSC's liquid, investable indices enable equity investors to incorporate water risk into their investment process in order to provide a sound research-backed climate change mitigation strategy to their clients. To create these indices, numerous corporate water stewardship practices are quantified into financial metrics that are used to measure water risk and invest in exceptional companies while reducing investment in companies with excessive water risk.


The indices are available for licensing to financial institutions to develop a wide array of financial products, such as exchange-traded funds, derivatives, mutual funds, insurance products, and annuities. Incorporating water risk into financial instruments helps investment firms to capture the growing demand for performing, responsible investment strategies while assisting investors to better understand and mitigate climate risk in their portfolios. Investors increasingly use water risk as a proxy for climate risk.

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